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Founder and managing partner Michael Krause was born in 1975. The father of one child is originally from Bamberg in the Franconia region of Bavaria in Germany. Krause has over 15 years of experience in the IT sector. He has worked as an ERP process consultant, account and country manager, sales director and authorised representative at various companies.

Nowadays, system developers feature virtually all products and technologies in their portfolios. However, Krause believes the scope and complexity make it impossible to provide customers with an extensive level of expertise. This is why he established TAP.DE, a consulting company with a clear focus on all of the requirements associated with the user and the IT workplace.

His most important goal is to achieve long-term, trust-based and successful cooperation with all customers and partners.

To this end, he has established four principles inspire him and his team in their daily work:

› Take on responsibility
› Provide value
› Improve every day
› Think and act pragmatically

Krause is a real team player and it’s important to him to have the perfect combination of employees at TAP.DE and a high level of collaboration between them. Quality has nothing to do with age and Krause is happy to offer young people as well as those with a great deal of potential the chance to grow within the company.

He is a big fan of Bayern Munich and enjoys running and mountain biking in his free time. He also likes to relax with a glass of red wine from time to time.

Krause’s motto is ‘Nothing comes from nothing, and rightly so’.