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TAP.DE GmbH aims to find

solutions for all processes and requirements at the user’s IT workplace, sustainably generate added value for the customer and increase user efficiency and productivity.

Compliance requirements, increased user demands and cost pressure mean that now more than ever before, companies and public institutions are faced with the challenge of optimising IT processes, creating transparency and avoiding breakdowns in communication. IT consultants at TAP.DE work by the adage that ‘there is always a simple solution, you just need to find it’ to create and implement individual solution concepts that seamlessly integrate with customer business processes.

The mission of the company is to specialise and focus on solutions and processes on all aspects of IT workplaces and users. By specialising in this way, TAP.DE is an expert consultant, systems integrator and service provider for desktop infrastructure, endpoint security, IT service and finance management and process consulting.

TAP.DE Solutions GmbH is headquartered in Straubing, Germany, and has subsidiaries in Munich, Karlsruhe and Berlin in Germany as well as in Graz, Austria. Well-known companies such as Magna, Puma, Software AG, Georg Fischer, Silhouette International and State Capital Bregenz, among many others, obtain consulting services from TAP.DE.

In addition to Matrix42, TAP is also a partner of renowned software manufacturers such as Citrix, Microsoft, Lumension and EgoSecure.